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The Intern Series: Robert Rasche, Accounting

This week the spotlight is on returning intern Robert Rasche, who is spending his summer with the Accounting department at DEFENDERS.

DEFENDERS Announces Plans to Ramp Up Hiring Nationwide

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Today, DEFENDERS announced its plan to hire more than 700 Security Advisors in the next 6 months across the United States, in order to meet the growing demand for residential home security

The Intern Series: Maddie Melangton, TrueU

This week’s intern spotlight is trueU intern, Maddie Melangton. Read more about her life inside and outside the DEFENDERS summer internship program.

Rewarding Team Member Success: The 2016 Superstar Celebration

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Do you want to be appreciated for your hard work? Come check out how Defenders rewards its top performing members.

The Intern Series: John Evans, HR Analytics

DEFENDERS is excited to introduce the first of our 6 summer interns and share more about their life inside and outside the summer internship program. Today we introduce you to John, but stay tuned for the rest of the intern blog series throughout the summer!

DEFENDERS Celebrates 300th Homes of Hope Build!

Space to grow a family. A home to call their own. This is why DEFENDERS partners with Homes of Hope to give back to families in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Why We Push Our Employees to Be the Best Version of Themselves

Self Improvement-crop
Being a better employee starts with self-improvement. Find out how we help you be a better version of you at DEFENDERS.

How We Grow Leaders: Highlights from the 2017 National Leadership Convention

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Leadership is an important quality in a staff member. See how we grow leaders with highlights from the 2017 National Leadership Convention.

Meet Scott Lacy from Defenders: A 2017 Inspire Award Finalist

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It is often difficult to know what kind of impact we have on those around us. While it may be easy to see how people change over a span of years, you don’t often see the immediate effect you can have on a person. This is exactly how Scott Lacy felt. And then, he was given a pretty good clue.

Grow with Your Company: 17 Ways Employees Become Team Members

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Great companies help their employees grow into team members. Find out how Defenders builds a great company culture.