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Architecture Meets Culture: Our Newly Upgraded Headquarters

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DEFENDERS continues to grow, protecting more and more families. Check here to read all about our headquarters renovation and see how we are staying competitive.

Leading by Example - John Rackley

John Rackley
To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are awarding employees who embody our core values. Josh Leblanc helps us make sure bad things don’t happen to good people.

Focus on Fit with Our New Fitness Initiative

DEFENDERS encourages self-improvement using various methods. One avenue for self-improvement is a focus on physical fitness and well-being, which we are supporting with our Fitness @ Work initiative.

Supporting Personal and Professional Growth: DLA Board Relaunch

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At DEFENDERS, we are passionate about supporting our team members. We provide them with tools and resources to help them grow as people and professionals. See how we are supporting leaders with the relaunch of our self-improvement tool, the DLA board.

DEFENDERS Protects Its Two Millionth Family

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Making sure bad things don't happen to good people since 1998!

Rich Cherry Named CTO of the Year

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Rich was the top honoree in the category of private companies with revenue more than $100 Million.

Celebrating 20 Years with a Charitable Giveaway

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DEFENDERS is a company of givers. To show how much we love to serve, we are giving prizes to deserving members to donate to a charity of their choice.

Daniel Guadarrama Inspired Others through Self Improvement

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At DEFENDERS, we work harder on ourselves than we do at our jobs. See how this has helped make Daniel Guadarrama a success.

Growing Leaders with DEFENDERS Summer Internship Program

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At DEFENDERS, we are dedicated to supporting the growth of young leaders. Read here to find out more about our summer internship program and see how we are contributing to the next generation of leaders.

Striving to Meet New Goals with Competitive Winner, Walter Egner

Walter Egner
We are continuing to celebrate our 20th anniversary by awarding those members of our team who embody our core values. Meet Walter Egner, our competitive winner.