6 Ways You Can Boost Workplace Morale in Uncertain Times

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At DEFENDERS, we work diligently to provide a positive workplace culture. With the spread of COVID-19, we are facing some uncertain times. For many of us, that requires working environment adjustments such as working from home and practicing social distancing in the workplace.. That distance may create a sense of isolation among teams, but with a little effort, we can stay connected and keep our spirits boosted. Try these tips to adapt to different working conditions.


  1. Create a technological community: Use video conferencing and other technology tools to create a sense of community. Ask team members to engage frequently and share positive moments from their day. Offer encouragement and support throughout the day. A sense of comradery helps  build community and keep morale up.

  2. Develop a support network: Uncertain times have a way of creating anxiety as we worry about things that we may not be able to control. One way to combat those feelings is with a support network. Ask teams what they might need and what they are willing to contribute. Gather those requests and see how other team members may be able to help. A little support can go a long way to keep spirits high.

  3. Offer mentoring sessions via video or phone: Mentoring can be especially valuable in difficult times. Set up opportunities for mentoring via video or phone. These sessions provide an opportunity for discussing personal or professional hardships and are an outlet for processing difficult situations. Mentoring can also help to identify creative and collaborative solutions to new or unanticipated problems.

  4. Encourage family participation: Social distancing and school closures may mean that families are finding ways to cope together. Include families as part of community building:
    • Ask team members to share photos of kids while they work.
    • Share ideas for keeping each other entertained.
    • Host a video fitness class and get the kids to join.
    • Have kids read an inspirational book to a team member and discuss.

  5. Keep up the team building: Team-building activities are designed to bring people closer together and encourage collaborative thinking in the workplace. Consider hosting mini sessions where team members can engage in cooperative activities via video conference.

  6. Offer kind words: Sometimes all we need to alter a potentially negative situation are some kind words. If you notice a coworker struggling, offer some kind words of support and encouragement.


Boosting morale and staying connected can help keep us motivated and positive. Keep up the good work!

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