Meet Our Competitive Winner, Nels Olson

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At DEFENDERS, we believe in working harder on ourselves than we do at our jobs. To ensure we are meeting that goal, we strive to offer opportunities for self-improvement and we support our team members in pursuit of their goals. One of our high-performing team members whole-heartedly embraces this value every day. Meet Nels Olson, a DEFENDERS team member who is prepped to compete in his second full Iron Man competition this fall.

Working toward personal goals with the support of DEFENDERS

When Nels first joined the DEFENDERS team in 2014, he welcomed the chance to be part of a company that would support and encourage his personal ambitions. At the time, he was making efforts to reinvigorate his fitness goals and get back on track with his health.

Nels decided to take the opportunity of the healthy work/life balance promoted by DEFENDERS to begin training for his first Iron Man. “It wasn’t my goal at the very beginning,” says Nels. “I never really tried to take efforts to meet my goal, until I started at DEFENDERS.”

Team members are incredibly supportive of Nels’ goals and even help keep him accountable as he continues to train. “Everybody at DEFENDERS constantly asked me how it was going and encouraged me along the way,” comments Nels. “My boss would ask me about it every time we met. It helped keep me accountable.”

With the constant encouragement of his peers, Nels has completed one full Iron Man and three half competitions. He will compete in his second full Iron Man in October 2019.



Better balance with DEFENDERS

At DEFENDERS, we want our team members to work harder on themselves than they do at their jobs. Seeing Nels accomplish his goals makes us a better business.

When speaking of his accomplishments, Nels casually comments, “The Iron Man was something that was on my bucket list, I guess.”

Even though he continues to work hard, he does not set his sights on winning. He enjoys seeing the celebration as he and others cross the finish line. “There were people who were all sorts of shapes and sizes and abilities and they were all there to do the same thing…it becomes more of a mental accomplishment than a physical one.”

Now that Nels has a few competitions under his belt, he wants to use his training as an opportunity to see the world. He hopes to compete in Wisconsin next year and maybe Europe after that. 

Good luck in the upcoming competition, Nels!

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