Encouraging Leadership with DEFENDERS Emerging Leaders Pipeline

ELP Post

At DEFENDERS, we believe in fostering leadership. Keeping bad things from happening to good people is at the core of what we do and we can do it better when we grow a community of leaders. One of the many ways we encourage leadership is through our Emerging Leaders Pipeline (ELP).

DEFENDERS is a company that awards hard work and dedication. We want to offer opportunities to those individuals who show leadership potential, work hard, and set a positive example for others. With our ELP program, we give these individuals access to education, mentoring, and leadership training.

DEFENDERS Emerging Leaders Pipeline

Our program begins with the identification of potential sales leaders or individuals who have displayed exceptional qualities. These individuals typically show:

  • Urgency
  • Approachable expertise
  • Ownership

Once identified, these individuals participate in six classes over a three-month period. In addition to education, participants are offered opportunities to actually perform the managerial role. The program culminates with a graduation ceremony where participants attend a dinner with the Vice President of Sales and other sales directors. This forum presents an opportunity to engage with executive leadership, receive direct feedback, and ask any questions.

Leadership success

The ELP program has successfully graduated 22 sales leaders from the program. Among those was Samantha Dahl, an accomplished HERO (Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities): “ELP brings value in a way that it forces you to identify your biggest weakness and work to improve upon it.”

Since her successful completion of the ELP program, Samantha has become passionate about expanding and improving the program to help others reach their leadership goals. She credits the program with helping her gain a greater perspective of all sides of the business. Samantha says, “ELP personally helped me gain the confidence I need to do this job. Professionally, ELP helped me see people as people and not as a percentage.”

Ideally, Samantha would love to see even more involvement from management and maybe even a shadowing aspect between program attendees and managers.

Tips for those interested in leadership

Are you looking to show management that you have what it takes to be a leader? Use these tips:

  • Inform your manager of your interest in leadership positions.
  • Find ways to be a leader “from the seat.”
  • Pinpoint ways you can help others while performing your job duties.
  • Lead some team huddles or meetings.
  • Find a new hire to mentor.
  • Identify a specific area of self-improvement to target.

Are you ready to join a team of leaders? Check out DEFENDERS!