Supporting Personal and Professional Growth: DLA Board Relaunch

DLA Board Relaunch-crop

At DEFENDERS, we are a passionate bunch. We are driven to be better people, both personally and professionally, so it should come as no surprise to learn that our first passion is Self-Improvement. One of the ways that we help team members maintain a focus on self-improvement is with our DLA (DEFENDERS Leadership Advantage) Board.

The DLA Board was developed by our founder, Dave Lindsey. He knew that success happens only when you have a team of happy, healthy individuals. Very early in our company’s development, our leaders discovered that team members benefited greatly from access to certain tools, resources, and experiences. Thus, the DLA Board was developed as a guide to lead our team members on this journey.

As part of this process, every new team member attends our Culture Day. Culture Day is an entire day spent on self-improvement. During this day, new team members receive our DLA Board which includes steps to help them grow. As with all great things, we must adapt to continue to provide relevant experiences. So, that’s what we did with the relaunch of our DLA Board.

The evolution of our leadership tools

We are making key changes to our DLA Board to improve team member engagement while we continue to maintain a solid focus on self-improvement. We want to make sure that the resources and experiences are relevant to how we manage our business today. To ensure that happens, we have made modifications which help us

  • Offer relevant resources.
  • Update how we interact with team members.
  • Reach all team members in our company.

The changes we will be rolling out will not only promote engagement among team members, but will support individuals as they embark on their journey of self-improvement. Here are the major changes we will be instituting:

  • The DLA Board will have digital support: The original board was only provided as a physical tool. The new DLA Board will provide more information about individual goals, direct team members to additional resources, offer increased access to tools and resources, and implement simple knowledge checks to confirm achievement as they move around the board. In addition, the digital version will have increased access to the tools and resources team members need to achieve the tasks.
  • Increased opportunities to collaborate: The DLA board will promote experiences and resources that support collaboration with team members and leaders within the company. The collaboration helps keep team members accountable, while supporting their personal growth.
  • The DLA Board will include actionable items: The updated DLA Board will include items that are actionable, rather than abstract. Each item will have a task that can be completed by anyone in the company, regardless of job title.
  • More opportunities for team engagement: As a national company, team members can sometimes feel disconnected because they are separated by geographical boundaries. The DLA Board will help encourage engagement from team members across the company as they work toward the same goals.

Most important, the re-imagined DLA Board will continue to meet its original purpose: Supporting growth and helping communicate our core values and passions to team members. We think it will re-energize people as they think about their development. As a company that values self-improvement, we want to provide leaders with the tools they need to continue to grow with us.

Come see what it’s like to work for a company that supports personal growth as much as professional growth.