Meet Clarinda Hampton, Our Humble Servant


As we continue celebrating our 20th anniversary, we are selecting more winners to receive $20,000 - team members who truly model the Core Values and Passions that make DEFENDERS such a neat place to work. Our next winner has been selected to receive our Humble Servant award. This person truly embodies what it means to be a humble servant and works consistently to help others with little concern for herself. Meet Clarinda Hampton.

Clarinda has been with DEFENDERS for 15 years. She originally began working in our Customer Care department and now spends her time as Admin Support for Funding Resolutions. Although that is what Clarinda does professionally, she is being recognized for her more personal contributions.

Giving back to the community

Clarinda is certainly a deserving recipient of the Humble Servant award. Anyone who has met Clarinda knows that she always makes efforts to give to others at every opportunity. As an active member in her church, Clarinda jumps at the chance to help her fellow church goers, but she doesn’t stop there. Clarinda makes giving a part of every aspect of her life. She never lets obstacles stop her from being a positive force for her company, her friends, and her coworkers.

About five years ago, Clarinda asked her pastor about starting a food pantry. Because her church is small, they didn’t have the necessary funding to make it happen. But, that only fueled her resolve. She persisted and took any opportunity to realize her mission of providing food for the hungry. She began asking for donations of anyone she came in contact with. She held food drives at local organizations and schools, getting neighborhood children involved. Clarinda even funded rewards for food donations from her own personal income—she so truly wanted to see her vision through.

Clarinda and her husband began to compile so much food that her garage filled up. Once they were ready, her family moved the food into her church. And she didn’t stop there. She also applied to Midwest Food Bank. Her church has recently been accepted as a partner agency and now regularly receives food donations each month. What an accomplishment!

Giving back to coworkers

Clarinda doesn’t just find ways to help in her community, she also finds ways to give back in the workplace.  She works with fellow DEFENDERS team members to rally around those in need, often going into her own wallet to assist with gas or food money. She has also reached out to team members who may be hospitalized or suffering a loss with cards and flowers.

Clarinda knows there is always more that can be done and she makes it her mission to be a part of the solution.

Clarinda expressed true surprise and appreciation for receiving her award:

“You don’t serve because you want recognition, you serve because somebody needs you… I’m just so filled with joy. I’m thankful, I’m grateful, I appreciate DEFENDERS, and I appreciate my colleagues.”

Clarinda has no plans for her winnings. She intends to save her money and to continue helping those in need. Thank you, Clarinda, for helping make DEFENDERS a company of givers!