Making Sure Bad Things Don’t Happen to Good People: Meet Josh Leblanc

Josh Leblanc-crop

At DEFENDERS, we are dedicated to protecting families. Within our walls, it’s a saying that can be heard often: “We keep bad things from happening to good people.” It’s the driving motivation behind our business and they are words we live by each and every day.

Josh LeBlanc has been an electrician for more than 20 years. His dream of one day becoming a police officer did not come true in the way he imagined. But, through DEFENDERS, Josh was able to merge his skillset with his dream. Today, he works to help protect families with home security.

Finding the right career path

Josh has been with DEFENDERS for a little more than a decade. He began working with home security in Connecticut when a DEFENDERS employee suggested he use his skills as an electrician to help install security systems. Because he has always tried to protect others, Josh quickly began work at DEFENDERS. He stated, “I would stand in front of you to protect you even if I don’t know you. That’s just how I am.”

After about five years, Josh took a demotion to head for the warmer weather in Florida. After only a few months, he was asked to merge two branches and manage the result. Josh’s charisma and energy have been a contributing factor to the success of his branch.

Keeping bad things from happening to good people

If anyone embodies our values, it’s Josh. As the manager of his Florida branch, Josh oversees a group of approximately 30 technicians. Recently, he was called to a house after his technician had been asked to leave the job. Concerned for his employee and the customer, Josh quickly made his way to the house to sort out the issue. Upon arriving, he learned that the man on the property had kicked the technician out of the house. The technician was baffled and uncertain as to the cause.

Feeling something was off, Josh made efforts to calm the man and the homeowner on the property and began to work on the home security system. It soon became obvious that the situation warranted concern. The man was agitated and the homeowner was anxious. Because the homeowner had requested the system, Josh did his best to defuse the situation and get to the root of the issue.

It turns out that the man was recently released from jail for domestic abuse and he had just returned to his girlfriend’s house. She had been trying to install a security system to prevent him from getting back into her home. Josh convinced the man to exit the house and locked the door behind him. Of the incident, Josh said, “I could see that she was agitated and scared. I told her, ‘I’ll stand my ground for you, because that’s my job.’”

He then finished his installation and stayed with the homeowner for more than nine hours to ensure her safety. Josh only left once the police had arrived and he was certain the homeowner was protected and safe.

For this reason, Josh was selected to receive a Passion Award for his bravery and his adherence to our values. Josh will use his winnings as a down payment on his dream home. Congratulations Josh, thank you for all you do!

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