Chad Hudson Wins ADT LifeSaver Award


In May, the McFall family was in their home in Grassy, Missouri when their carbon monoxide detector activated and sent a signal to ADT’s monitoring center. The ADT dispatcher quickly called 911 and first responders arrived at the home where they detected large amounts of carbon monoxide.


Chad Hudson, the DEFENDERS Security Advisor that installed this system into the McFall’s home, is the reason the family is still here today. Carbon Monoxide is known as the “silent killer” because it has no smell nor taste and is only detected through systems such as these. After being denied three times, he finally convinced the McFall’s to upgrade to the CO system and suggested that it be located in the utility room where the leak eventually occurred.


Chad’s persistence to keep bad things from happening to good people saved the family’s lives.


Chad and his Security Manager, Brian Franek, were presented with the ADT LifeSaver award, ADT’s HIGHEST HONOR. Jim Boyce was also presented with this prestigious award.


Thank you, Chad, for doing your job to the fullest, saving lives, and reminding us of the impact DEFENDERS has on the families that we protect.


Watch this video to see Chad, Brian, and Jim receive the ADT LifeSaver Award!