2018 Convention Recap: The Power of You

2018 convention

At DEFENDERS, 2018 has been an exciting year. We have been celebrating our 20th anniversary and are going stronger than ever. Over the last two years, we have grown seven times faster than the industry and we aren’t planning to slow down. To honor our growth and the team members who have gotten us to where we are today, we chose to focus on self-improvement for our 2018 national convention. We decided we would use our time to help team members discover The Power of You.

We have come so far and are setting our sights on even more growth. In 2017, we reached the following milestones:

  • Our teams protected 246,593 families.
  • We participated in our 313th Homes of Hope build.
  • Our company expanded to more than 2,600 team members nationwide.
  • Through our Make-a-Wish annual campaign we have granted the wishes of 119 children.

None of these milestones would be possible without a hardworking, generous, and energetic team. To keep up our momentum, we are finding new ways to develop leaders.

Convention Highlights

To enable our team members to embrace their own personal power, we focused on self-improvement at this year’s convention. Our sessions provided team members with the information they need to learn

  • How to become more productive
  • How they can achieve the financial life they want
  • How a positive mindset can have mental and physical benefits
  • How to embrace positive emotions and engage in healthy relationships
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • How to improve their sales strategy

Our keynote speakers really ramped up the energy and emphasized the importance of each individual within our company. DEFENDERS CEO, Jim Boyce, reminded our team how important it is to have an “attitude of gratitude.” Ultimately, the positive impact drives our business forward and is responsible for our growth as a company.

Reaching new heights

We are continuing to make goals for ourselves. As part of our 20th year, we are focusing on the following goals:

  • Celebrating our results
  • Aligning on our vision
  • Investing more in self-improvement

And it’s never too early to start taking part in these goals. That’s why we took the opportunity at this year’s convention to help our team members understand how each and every person can make a difference. We intend to keep growing and protecting families at every opportunity.

For this reason, we give our team members tools so that they can give back and serve others:

  • Each team member gets four paid days off each year to take part in a service project of their choosing.
  • We also launched our Match program this year. This program encourages giving by matching the amount donated by a team member up to $5,000 per year.
  • Our company makes it possible for our team members to take part in Homes of Hope builds across the world.

We are thrilled to see all the new ways that our team members embrace their potential.

Honoring our DEFENDERS team members

Among other exciting revelations that were unveiled at our convention, we named our 2018 Associate Partners. These team members include:

  • Matt Curtis
  • Ken Helsley
  • Tonya Klette
  • Tom Landrigan
  • John Mininger
  • Wes Mizelle
  • Cortney Mundy
  • Lisa Reynolds
  • Kris Tompkins

As always, we look forward to seeing all that these team members will bring to our company as we ramp up for another successful year. Let’s keep the energy going into 2019!