Meet One of Our Top Performers, Rowena Broomfield

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Meet Rowena Broomfield, a sales agent at the DEFENDERS call center in Newport, Kentucky. Anyone on the DEFENDERS team who has had the privilege of working with Rowena knows that she isn’t terribly comfortable in the spotlight. Even so, that is where she deserves to be.

At DEFENDERS, we believe in striving toward our goals and we don’t quit until they are realized. We constantly push ourselves to be

  • Growth-oriented learners
  • Competitive winners
  • Humble servants

As one of DEFENDERS top performers, Rowena truly embodies each and every one of these core values. Rowena doesn’t like to bring excess attention to herself or her actions and she appreciates every opportunity that has been offered to her during her 11 years with DEFENDERS.

“It’s just a blessing to be a part of the DEFENDERS culture and family and it’s a really humbling experience.”

And we are so glad that she has chosen to make DEFENDERS her home. At DEFENDERS, self improvement isn’t just a personal goal, it’s a business objective as well. When our team members become better people, they are also able to make a positive impact on our customers and our business grows as a result. Rowena is a perfect example of how well this works for us.

Our cultural imperatives present us with the opportunity to push our team members to work harder on themselves than they do on their jobs. Because Rowena has taken action to do exactly that, she has experienced many exciting things. In 2017 alone, she has achieved the following:

Recipient of the DEFENDERS Blue Heart Award: Rowena was given this award because her actions saved the life of a co-worker. While working with an ADT customer one afternoon, Rowena heard cries of distress. Her co-worker had collapsed in the call center and was having a heart attack. Rowena rushed to his side and administered CPR, saving his life. Discussing the truly life-changing event, Rowena remarked, “I will forever be grateful I was able to help in a time of need, thanks to the CPR training provided by DEFENDERS.”

Acceptance into the Associate Partner Program: Each year, approximately 5-10 team members are chosen for the Associate Partner Program. These team members are believed to truly embody the values of DEFENDERS. Rowena was drafted into this program as associate partner. As part of her nomination, DEFENDERS donated $1,000 to her favorite charity, she has the opportunity to participate in additional Homes of Hope builds, and she is eligible for up to four times the normal bonus amount. While Rowena did not see this honor coming, she commented that she is “truly grateful for everyone who saw enough in me to vote for me.”

10,000 families protected: This year, Rowena reached a quota that deserves a standing ovation. She is responsible for helping to protect 10,000 families, no easy feat. Regarding this achievement, Rowena said, “Knowing that I have been a part of giving that many families peace of mind and make them feel safe is a great feeling.”

In addition to the achievements of this past year, Rowena has always been a team member we are proud of. In the past she also functioned as a HERO on our sales team, attended YWAM five times, and participated in nine of our Superstar trips.

“It’s just a blessing to be a part of the DEFENDERS culture and family and it’s a really humbling experience. I’ve grown a lot. That’s for sure.”

When she isn’t helping to protect families, Rowena is active in her local church and adores spending time with her four grandchildren. We are so glad for the opportunity to see Rowena grow, both personally and professionally, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next year!