Building Leaders with Our Culture Leadership Team

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How can you ensure that your company is represented by the best leadership? You make the leaders. At DEFENDERS, much of what we do is guided by our leadership goals and our desire to serve. We exist so that we can grow and inspire leaders who love and serve people. We want tomorrow to be a better day than today. In fact, one of our four passions is developing leaders.

We don’t just expect it to happen because we want it to. At DEFENDERS, we roll up our sleeves and set to work. We know we will make great leaders because we set our sights on that goal and we don’t stop until it’s achieved. Leadership is a conscious effort, not a by-product. Because failure is never an option for us, we recently launched our Culture Leadership Team.

The new DEFENDERS Culture Leadership Team

In August 2017, we set about identifying 8-9 team members who we felt would be up to the task of strategizing the most effective ways to build leaders and make our company culture accessible to everyone across our company. Our new team is driven by its purpose: “To encourage and enable every team member to engage with and strengthen DEFENDERS culture so that we answer our calling to grow and inspire leaders who love and serve people.” A tall order—but we’re prepared.

How did we choose our team? According to Scott Prill, DEFENDERS Director of Culture, “We sought to find leaders within the organization who we want to help develop to the next level of leadership. These individuals have also shown a propensity to drive passions and have been identified as leaders within the company.”

The individuals who make up the team hail from different areas within the company so that none of our team members go unrepresented. They quickly set about identifying ways to improve how we deliver our culture.

The goals of DEFENDERS Culture Leadership Team

One of the main challenges facing our Culture Leadership Team is extending our culture to all of our employees. We have a strong company culture at DEFENDERS and we want all of our team members to have the chance to take full advantage of the opportunities that come with it.

“We’re asking this team to really focus on helping us eliminate barriers that might be in the way of helping team members to serve and grow,” Prill remarked about the goals of the new team.

As a national company operating in 48 states, we want to identify how we can bring our company together. We recognize that obstacles exist to creating a cohesive company culture when it’s spread across a nation, but we aren’t letting that stop us. To that end, our Culture Leadership Team is developing a strategy to extend our culture to all members of our team, regardless of geographic location.

In addition, the team is also focusing on ways to upgrade our existing tools so that our team members are fully supported in their pursuits. Our existing cultural tools are being re-evaluated so that we can implement the most effective measures for reaching every single individual in our company.

Making leaders is no easy task. But, if we shied away from a tough challenge, we wouldn’t be DEFENDERS.