Prep for Your Financial Future with Pete the Planner

Pete the Planner Headshot

Self-improvement isn’t just something we preach, it’s our way of life. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be better. At DEFENDERS, we don’t expect you to embark on that journey alone. We give you the tools you need to make it happen. One of the resources that we employ is Pete the Planner and Pete is full of great tips.

Pete the Planner is a financial advisor who helps team members prepare for a better future. He offers money guidance, sage advice, and real actionable tips to team members for an improved financial life. What sets Pete apart is the step-by-step guidance he offers. His wisdom isn’t given as generalizations like you should put more in savings. He provides team members with actual instructions of how to achieve the financial life they want. In addition, he has developed online tools that DEFENDERS team members can access for free:

  • Money Line: The Money Line is a phone service where team members can get advice or counseling from a financial expert. Team members are encouraged to call with any question, from the seemingly insignificant to the technical. The financial concierge will discuss the matter in detail and recommend actions that lead to achieving goals. Trustworthy relationships are often built as a result of these calls, establishing the foundation for long-term financial wellness. It’s a true resource for financial improvement without any sales.
  • Your Money Line dashboard: Those team members who prefer online tools can register for the Money Line dashboard. This central hub allows team members to track what they’ve accomplished in their financial lives and set goals for the future. Often, this is a helpful tool by itself. Pete comments, “In our financial lives, we think about all the things we have not done, and that can be paralyzing.” The Money Line dashboard is the tool which prevents you from that paralysis and helps you realize the financial progress you’ve made, all while continuing to improve on your financial well-being.

In addition to these tools, team members can also access a wealth of online tools including

30 hours of video, articles, calculators, podcasts, webinars, home-buying resources, courses on investing, credit, living paycheck to paycheck, how to live on variable income—and much more.

Self-improvement is a never-ending process. We continue to learn and grow in all areas of life. Pete is our key to extending this growth to our finances: “Ultimately what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to show people how to consistently make good financial decisions no matter what their financial reality is.”

Case in point: DeShea Bolton. DeShea started with DEFENDERS six years ago. After her husband was laid off from his job, DeShea became concerned about managing her finances in an effort to provide for her family. With three children, this was no easy feat. Through classes offered by Pete the Planner, DeShea was able to align her goals with her financial reality. She was able to put her children through college with minimal debt and start a savings account. Now, DeShea is taking classes that will help her prepare for retirement. Good work DeShea!

Check out this video to hear more about DeShea’s story.

Pete has seen many good people struggle with their finances. He says, “Sometimes when you get a new job, you think it’s going to naturally solve all your financial problems. It’s just not that simple. A new job will not change your financial life.” That’s why Pete is always there to help us make sense of the money.

Come join our team and find out all the ways we help you prepare for a better future and a better you!