Grow with Your Company: 17 Ways Employees Become Team Members

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Smart companies know the value of building a great team. Working hard to be a better person isn’t easy, and visionary companies recognize that. Self-improvement is a necessary goal if we want to improve ourselves and those around us. However, the very real need for self-improvement can easily get lost in the overarching goals of a large company.

Becoming a better team member means working harder on yourself than you do at your job. It means becoming a better person so that you know how to give to others and help make the environment around you a better place to be.

Similar to the work necessary to become a better person, companies that want to flourish and grow need to improve their team members and working environment. That’s why great companies focus on making the lives of their team members better in any way they can.

How can a company help you be a better person? There are a number of ways. Take a look at DEFENDERS’ approach:

  • Culture day: From day one, it is made absolutely obvious that you are appreciated and empowered to improve yourself and give to others. To welcome new hires from across the country to their new career, DEFENDERS flies ALL NEW TEAM MEMBERS to the headquarters in Indianapolis for Culture Day. Unlike most first days on a job, this day is dedicated to self-improvement. In addition to this, security advisors go through a six-week training course so that they feel educated and prepared to offer customers the best service they can provide.
  • Tuition reimbursement: Education is extremely important for self-improvement. Because of this, team members are encouraged to continue their education. As long as a reasonable GPA is maintained, you will be reimbursed for your educational efforts.
  • Gym reimbursement: Being a healthy, active, team member is tough. It requires a significant time commitment, your sweat (sometimes your tears), your dedication, and money for a gym membership. To help ease the burden, DEFENDERS offers a yearly gym reimbursement to help you meet your fitness goals.
  • Boot camp: Is going to the gym on a regular basis just too hard? Exercise helps keep team members physically and mentally fit. If it seems that you are dragging yourself to the gym and it just seems too overwhelming, you can always attend the provided boot camp. DEFENDERS works with an outside company to provide an onsite six-week boot camp that you can attend on premises so that you aren’t taking away from other daily commitments.
  • DefendersU: This learning management system offers a collection of online courses all available for free. All team members are given access and can take any online course when it fits into their schedule.
  • Pete the Planner: An external financial consultant, Pete the Planner works with team members to help them improve their financial health. Don’t have time for that? As a team member, you will have free access to an online database of financial courses, Pete’s Money School. Prefer video? Watch a webinar to learn how to you can better save for your child’s college fund. Would you rather listen while you work? Plug in your earphones and listen to a podcast on saving more for retirement. Learn on your own time to become more financially prepared for whatever you want to do. Work better when you have a coach? Pete the Planner is available to talk to you one-on-one.
  • Certification reimbursement: Want to add a certificate to your wall? Pitch your idea and you training and tests will be paid for if they meet the necessary qualifications. eLibrary partnership: As one of the first participating corporate partners, DEFENDERS offers eLibrary access to all team members. This system is used by most public libraries to provide online access to books of your choice.
  • Giving days and Me days: In addition to normal paid time off, you will receive four giving days and two me days. These days allow you to take time off to give back to your favorite charity or take time for yourself. In addition to structured days where all team members participate in charitable events, each team member is allotted time to give back to a charity of that person’s choice.
  • One for one charitable match donation: If you like giving, you will be rewarded for your efforts. DEFENDERS agrees to match any charitable contribution you make to a qualifying 501(c)(3) charity. Help give even more to your favorite causes.
  • Associate Partner program: Each year, between five and ten employees are nominated to be associate partners. These individuals are everyday team members who embody the core values of DEFENDERS. As associate partners, these members are allotted $1000 to give to their favorite charity, provided with additional paid opportunities to partake in Homes of Hope home building program, and have the opportunity to earn up to four times the normal bonus amount.
  • Internship program: DEFENDERS also appreciates the innovation that young minds can bring to the table. College graduates are sought out to participate in DEFENDERS internship program. Far from running busy errands and getting coffee for staff, these young minds are asked to actively participate in making the company a better place for its customers and its team members.
  • Adoption assistance: If you are interested in adopting a child, there are resources available for helping with the fees and assisting with preparing to welcome a new child into your family.
  • Opportunities for giving: The company actively encourages team members to give back to the community. Each year, members are encouraged to participate in fully paid trips to assist with Homes of Hope. Members and family go to the Dominican Republic to help build homes. DEFENDERS is also active with Habitat for Humanity and frequently participates in home builds which take place on premises at headquarters and are then supplanted to their final lots. The company also actively supports and engages in events with United Way, Make a Wish, and Shepherd. Team members are empowered and encouraged to give back in any way they can.
  • SuperStar Celebration: Each year the top participating team members across the business are treated to a four day, all-inclusive, paid trip to reward them for their hard work. Sun and sand is a nice way to appreciate your hard-working team members.
  • Additional discounts: As a team member, you will be eligible for KinderCare daycare discounts at partner daycares. In addition, you will receive a discount on any home security products.
  • Contests and trips: In addition to all of these benefits, DEFENDERS is constantly sponsoring trips and contests to encourage team members to stay engaged and be competitive winners throughout the year. These contests are frequently rewarded with trips or other tangible items to keep team members motivated and active.

What better way to start a new job than to feel a sense of ownership over what you are joining? That’s why there are so many benefits to being a part of YOUR company.

Wait, whose company? I just got hired by DEFENDERS. Yes, that’s right. This is now YOUR company.