Get to Know Our New Director of Culture, Scott Prill

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If you know anything about DEFENDERS, you likely are familiar with the extremely enthusiastic energy with which we approach our company, our customers, and our community. We get excited about what we do— REALLY excited. Part of what makes it possible for us to embrace such a passionate attitude is our company culture. We work very hard to build our company structure so that it revolves around the individuals who make our company great and supports a consistent goal of self-improvement. At the helm of these initiatives, leading the charge, is our new Director of Culture, Scott Prill.

Before coming to DEFENDERS, Scott worked in the cable industry. While he appreciated the chances to grow professionally, he was hoping for something more. As he went in search of new opportunities, Scott became enamored with the benefits and values he saw embodied at DEFENDERS. For the first time, he saw a company that emphasized self-improvement over business objectives. He joined the team and set up shop in the marketing department.

As a member of the marketing squad, Scott quickly became known to those around him as the “heart of the team.” The DEFENDERS company culture gave Scott many opportunities to support his team members: “I really enjoyed the self-development—helping others on my team, and being a supportive leader to help them become the best versions of themselves.” As he continued to do just that, we knew he would be perfect as our new Director of Culture.

At DEFENDERS, the Director of Culture is responsible for helping team members embody the passions and values which drive the company. Our values include:

  • Self-improvement
  • Systems are the Solution
  • Developing Leaders
  • Ever-Expanding Influence

These values guide our actions and are a constant reminder of what drives us to be better. Scott knows how important this is for DEFENDERS. When offered the position, he jumped at the opportunity.

“I wanted to try something new that would allow me to focus on those things I was passionate about in a formalized role. I enjoy being that support system, the person that champions other people, provides recognition for others.”

Scott began his new position on November 21, 2017 and we are so excited to see what he has in store for us. He is hard at work, developing plans for growth and opportunities as we head into 2018.

Scott’s overall goals include:

  • Working with external organizations, partners, and charities to ensure our team members have opportunities for community outreach that resonates with their individual goals and interests.
  • Identifying ways within the company to support the growth of team members that are relevant to their career paths and personal goals.
  • Seeking new opportunities for team member engagement in upcoming company events.
  • Promoting stronger relationships with field employees so that all team members are able to take advantage of our company’s offerings and culture.

These are exemplary goals and we know that Scott will work diligently to see them come to life.