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How We Create a Winning Company Culture

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What if your workplace didn’t stress you out, but was actually an enjoyable place to be? A place that created a company culture which encouraged your personal development?

Service, Support, and Self-Improvement: How We Make Leaders

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At DEFENDERS, we have a vision. Our vision involves a winning company. However, we realize that we are only as good as our team members. In order to have a winning company, we need a company culture that exceeds others.

How We Achieve Success

Want to be successful? See how we do success at DEFENDERS.

The Importance of Training: An Insider Look at the Security Advisor Training Schedule

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Training is an important part of success for any company. A strong training program is the foundation for developing leaders. This principle is something we take seriously at DEFENDERS. Being part of the security industry, our job is to protect as many families as we can. And we make sure that our security advisors are properly prepped to do exactly that.